Friday, January 31, 2014

Weekend Wino: Masi Modello Delle Venezie & Tilapia Oreganata

This week my friends at Wine Chateau, a major online retailer of wine and libations, and I have decided to feature an old favorite of mine, Masi Modello Delle Venezie!

Each person has their own relationship to wine whether it be why they drink a certain type or often, the acquisition of tastes and preferences as the individual becomes more experienced with wine.  For me, Masi was the graduation wine from sweet whites to red.

My moment of graduation occurred 12 years ago while dining on a rare filet mignon at an Italian restaurant with friends.  A bottle of Masi was ordered for the table and I politely accepted a glass, even though I was convinced I'd have to choke it down.  What happened when I took my first sip, was curious.  I did not recoil as expected, but I rather enjoyed it.  My next few sips of the wine held my attention as I, for the first time, sat and contemplated what I was drinking-all while masking my shock as to not tip off my friends. 

My experience with Masi is not to say the wine is Moscato-sweet.  It isn't.  Its just to say, that for someone who may fall prey to the safety of what they know-Masi will be a pleasant surprise.

THE WINE: Masi Modello Rosso Delle Venezie

Fruit notes of cherry and plum with a soft tannin and low acidity allows this wine to be very versatile. 

Fun Fact: Masi is the name of a small valley in the Venetian Region of Italy.
Other types of dishes that would work with the Masi: I recommend filet mignon or chicken pietro.

Tilapia Oreganata
Serves 4

4 fresh tilapia filets
1 cup panko
1 cup italian breadcrumbs
1/2 cup parmesan
4 whole garlic cloves
3 tablespoons butter-melted
1/2 cup olive oil

In small oven-safe ramekin place garlic cloves and pour olive oil over the top so all cloves are completely submerged in oil.  Place ramekin in oven at 350 degrees.

As the garlic is roasting, place tilapia filets in oven-safe casserole dish.  In seperate bowl, mix panko, breadcrumbs and parmesan.  Once garlic is roasted, use a spoon to remove cloves and let cool.  Pour olive oil into panko mixture.  Mix with fork.

Once garlic is cool enough to handle, rub each filet with softened garlic-coating completely.  Take panko mixture and pack over each filet-coating completely.  Pour melted butter over filets.

Cover and bake tilapia at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until tilapia will flake with a fork.

Serve over angel hair pasta with diced tomato and fresh basil.



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