Monday, January 6, 2014

Snowmageddon 2014: A Country Girl's Thoughts on being Snowed In

Meteorologists are often wrong or misguided with their predictions of the upcoming weather-especially  in Central Illinois, where unpredictability is the norm.  The one prediction I can count on is the severe weather prediction.  Fortunately, we have the technology now to provide a few days notice-giving me (and you) adequate time to get groceries and gas up the car.  

 In a time where convenience is demanded by our Western mentality, how do we have the audacity to demand the same of the weather?  The weather is a special example of a force bigger than ourselves and how by slowing down, making a plan and living the plan is a healthy practice of our patience.  

Take this opportunity to slow down, enjoy the quiet, appreciate the modern convinces-and not take them for granted.  

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