Saturday, November 23, 2013

Washington, Illinois-how you can help

This week was an incredibly stressful one, for so many.  On Sunday, Levi and I were practicing our normal Sunday routine of pancakes, coffee, pjs and football-only to be interrupted by severe weather alerts.  While we scrambled down to the basement once we could no longer see across the street (the emergency alarms never went off in Bloomington)-our friends in Washington, IL suffered devastation.  

It seems inappropriate to go on writing about food today, when so many have lost their home, possessions and sense of security this holiday season. While Monday and Tuesday were clear, those were the only two nice days before rain, sleet and freezing temps returned to the area.  Not nearly enough time to recover the loss of a community.

For those of you living near and far-looking to do good and help our family and friends in Washington, IL.  Here are some links:

Washington, IL Tornado Recovery Facebook Page
-A regularly updated page on the relief efforts in Washington, IL

Heroes Memorial Info Page for Washington, IL
 - Lots of links to different organizations helping with the relief efforts

City of Washington, IL
 - homepage of the City of Washington, complete with links and current information

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Washington.

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