Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Harry Potter Party: How to make Howlers

I was slightly intimidated by the idea of making these at first.  There seemed to be a lot of steps and after reviewing some tutorials-I felt as though some made these much more complicated than they needed to be!  Some tutorials had the Howlers get painted, some had them fold completely up and others had so many steps-I was lost half way through!

I just wanted a simple and effective decoration-so I took a standard piece of printer paper to try and tinker with a design and VoilĂ ! Much easier than I thought it would be!

1. Red cardstock (or construction paper)
2. Plain white printer paper
3. Scissors
4. Glue stick

Step 1:  Take your red piece of cardstock and lay on the table long ways.

Step 2: Take bottom two corners and bring together to the center of the paper.  Crease the edges to make a point.  This will be the bottom of your Howler's mouth.

Step 3: Fold each side of the paper longways to the center of sheet and crease the edges.


Step 4: Fold paper long ways into thirds (this does not have to be perfect).

Step 5: Use your fingers to curl up the edges of the squared flap.

Step 6: Take white paper and cut into 2 inch strips (horizontally).
Step 7: Fold strips in half, longways and make rough cuts (to form jagged teeth) down one half.  Apply glue to other half and place on the inside edges of your howler.
Step 8: Take another 2 inch strip of white paper and apply glue to either end.  Then place glued ends behind each set of teeth.  
Step 9: For Tongue, take an extra piece of red paper, cut into thin strips (3/4 of an inch) and curl one end around a pen.  Glue the opposite end to the inside of the bottom row of teeth and shape with your fingers.

OPTIONAL STEP: I used my Howlers for my menus.  I used Microsoft Word to write out my menu with Harry Potter Font and formatted the paper into 4 columns (as to not waste paper).  Cut the menus to size and glued in!  Easy!  

Additional Note: Some Holwers are designed to fold-these are not.  I didn't need them to fold up and Im thrilled with the results!  They were the easiest and most fun decoration to make!


  1. Clever idea that looks great

  2. Thank you so much! And they were easy! Double-bonus! :)


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