Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Levi's Slow-Cooker Italian Beef

When Levi and I started dating he told me he likes to cook.  Now, I appreciate a man who cooks, but I've never dated one who did-or maybe, I never let one in my kitchen...I cant remember.  None-the-less, from time-to-time I let Levi venture into the kitchen and make one of his (three) signature dishes.

Italian beef is something I never order in a restaurant-this delightful dish, to me, is a home-specific dinner.  It makes me think of cold days, football and the glow from the fire place.  It should make me think of doing nothing at all, because with this dish, I dont even have to get off the couch to tell Levi where to find something!  Ladies, teach your man this dish-you'll thank me for it!

Levi's Slow-Cooker Italian Beef (Serves 8)

2lb Roast
1 Italian Dressing packet
1 jar pepperoncinis (whole)
1 12oz can beer (we use lager) OR 1 1/2c beef stock
1 pkg Hoagies
1 pkg Mozzerella Cheese

Directions: Pour beer (or stock), Italian packet and a splash of pepperoncini juice to crockpot and whish together.  Gently add the roast and top with pepperoncini peppers.  Cover and cook for 8 hours.

Serve on hoagies with pepperoncinis and mozzerella.



  1. We need to be able to Pintrest these recipes!! PS, you should let men do a little more cooking, we're more than capable. . . sometimes.

  2. Hi Mike! You're absolutely right on all accounts! I have embedded a button for easy pinning on all the photos! Thanks for bringing that to my attention! One of the fun things about doing this is watching it grow in such an organic way! Cheers!

  3. Cheers!!
    I'm going to try this out. I think of myself as a better than decent cook, do 99% of the cooking at home. 1 thing I have yet to conquer is meat in the crockpot, the one thing no one is ever supposed to mess up I can NEVER get correct (I swear my crocker just cooks it do death and I've become scared of the crock and don't even to Chili in it anymore, I converted to the dutch oven). I'm assuming you aren't supposed to sear the meat in a pan first.

  4. I never sear meat before putting it into the crockpot. I also do not cook off anything ground. I do everything raw. What are the setting on your crockpot? Im so sad you're not having luck with it-as I love to cook in mine! But I agree you have to finesse some things-as they can fall victim to being overcooked. Tell me whats going on and maybe I can help!


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