Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Week: Harry Potter Dinner Party Invites (For Adults)

After the success of last years dinner party-it only seemed natural to have another one this year!  It did not take me long to decide the theme would be Harry Potter as I have read all the books and own all the movies (yeah, I'm nerdy like that).  Levi and I enjoy watching the movies on a lazy weekend and when I brought up the idea to have the party HP themed-he was immediately on board!

The first idea I had was the invitations.  I wanted to buy some of the fake plastic owls farm stores sell to spook birds from nesting in the barn.  They run about $20 each, but I thought maybe I could find some on sale at some point (since I decided the theme in April).  I had my family on the case, so many eyes were out looking for discounted owls.  Over the 6 months we were looking-I never found anything under $20.  At least, nothing that I wanted.

Last month, I was visiting with my grandmother and explaining to her how we still don't have the owls for delivery.  My goal was to deliver the invitations while everyone was at work-in order to surprise them when they came home-keeping the mystery alive!  I have seen other parties use white balloons, but that wasn't going to be an effective solution as too many things can happen to the balloon on a porch over a few hours time.  I needed something stationary.  Grandma suggested I use white pumpkins and draw on them.  Great idea!  At my day job, they host a farmers market during the summer/fall months and a friend worked out a deal with a vendor getting me 5 white pumpkins for $20!  Perfect!

To make the actual invitations was a real pain in the...  I utilized Pinterest for inspiration and ideas and there were SO many Harry Potter font links that didn't work I spent over an hour downloading and searching and downloading and uninstalling-I'm not really sure which one worked and which one didn't-so I apologize for not having them on here, but I'm honestly not sure which one did the trick.  It was a real mess finally getting the font, but I did eventually get the Harry Potter and Viner Hand ITC (for the handwriting font).  A couple of tips:
  • the downloads are not very clear-so you have to regularly open and close your Microsoft Word to see if its listed under 'Fonts'
  • there are so many gimmicks and junk downloads attached to many of the fonts-so be careful!
  • the Harry Potter font only works if I write out my message in a regular font, highlight the message with my mouse and then change the font.  If I change the font to Harry Potter first, it will kick it off after the first few letters or words 
After getting the font, doing the rest was fun!

I used regular white printer paper and printed out my invitations.  I used the font and wording from Pieces by Polly (I found her site the most helpful-overall).  I also used the same owl stamp Polly used (this link has envelope and letter printables too) and printed off a couple 9 3/4 tickets to include in each invitation!

Photo edited for privacy
Photo edited for privacy

I made my own envelopes using the Word Art function in Word and some trial-n-error.  I then stained all the letters and envelopes with coffee and dropped some instant coffee grounds over the top to give the paper a weathered look.  After the paper dried, I constructed the envelopes and used a red taper candle I had to make the seal and the top of a decanter to press in the seal.

After that, all I had to do was deliver the invites and wait for the RSVP's to come flying in (pun intended)!

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