Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Adventures in my Food Career

The last few weeks have been very exciting!  Through this blog and my adventures writing for Smile Politely, in addition to my previous work experience-I was welcomed into the family of

Noshfolio is a website that bridges the gap between restaurants and website designers providing a single platform for the restaurant's information in addition to the customer service element that isn't available for owners to keep their website relevant, current and visually appealing.  
Corkscrew-Urbana, IL
Noshfolio currently focuses on Champaign-Urbana, IL and it's grossly over-looked culinary scene.  C-U has CIA trained chef's contributing truly relevant cuisine in an area which is largely overlooked by the masses.  Being a University town in Central Illinois-we are pigeon-holed as such, but the intellect, culture and flavors of the area are vast-creating a trendy food and drink scene.

Noshfolio gives townies and visitors an opportunity to look past the chains and into the local flavors of privately held restaurants and bars.  The user also has the opportunity to bookmark their favorite places, see the specials and comment on their experience.

The photos for the site create a visually stunning experience for the viewer and gives each location and chance to shine! 

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