Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Farm-Fresh Strawberry Margaritas

Monday, Labor Day.  Levi and I had just gotten home from a sweaty game of Frisbee Golf at Maxwell Park, where he proceeded to kick my butt.  I won't tell you what my score was, but I will say the number was close to my age!  Disclaimer: this was my first time playing, but I run on the competitive side so I was hoping for a good dose of beginners luck! Oh well.

At home I was looking for a refreshing beverage of the adult variety, but lately I have been really worn out on beer.  And I have a decently stocked bar at home-which I never dip into.  So I felt it was time to get creative.

In a reasonably stocked kitchen, you're bound to find something to mix with your booze.  Old wine can become sangria, anything can be mixed with rum and the freezer is always a great place to find 'mixers'.

Does anyone remember the 3 Things to do with a Flat of Strawberries post?  In it, I froze some strawberries for Levi to use for his smoothies.  But this day I realized another purpose, Strawberry Margaritas!!!  So for those of you with frozen fruit/berries in your freezer, here is a quick margarita recipe!

Strawberry Margaritas: *all measurements are approximate, because I do not measure
(Makes one ~16oz margarita)

-1cup frozen strawberries
-1cup Ice 
-1.5oz Tequila (I use Herradura Blanco, but you use whatever you like)
-1/2oz Triple Sec (I use Patron Citronage)
-Simple Syrup* (this is equal parts hot water and sugar mixed in a separate container) 

*I never keep simple syrup on hand so a method I have used for years as a bartender is to use the same amount of simple syrup as you use fruit-perfect consistency every time!

The order you pour the ingredients in is important!
1, Dump Ice and Strawberries into blender (or blender cup, if you're using a personal blender)
2. Then add tequila and triple sec
3. Finally add simple syrup, but only fill to the top of the ice-dont force the ice to float.  This is the trick to the perfect consistency.
4. Blend until you cant hear the ice crunch anymore (sometimes it can take awhile)

Tip: if the consistency is still thick, only add simple syrup!  And just a little (1/4cup) at a time until the blender has enough juice to push the ice around.

What other types of margaritas have you had that you enjoy?  Let me know in the comments below!


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