Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Watermelons are Ripe for the Picking!

The Bunny's Melon

A few days ago, I went out to the garden.  My mom told me we had some watermelons ready.  We both were a bit surprised since they are a little on the early side, but sure enough-the bunnies had gotten into one as a late night snack!

I don't do too much with watermelon other than cut it and eat it plain, but I do enjoy salted watermelon.  I had never tried it before until a few years ago when I worked in a Mexican restaurant.  We made fresh watermelon margaritas-so cutting watermelon was a frequent duty in the summertime.  As soon as I get the watermelon out of the cooler, the vultures would start circling for a piece.  After while, anytime we had to cut watermelon we would just make a small plate of it for all the employees to snack on.  It was a nice moment to spend with your coworkers on a hot summer day in the lull of business-snacking on watermelon and shooting the breeze for a few minutes.

The kitchen staff always had their own little condiments and treats stashed away in their lockers to add to their highly customized lunches, but when the watermelon became a regular activity-they brought in a special seasoning.  I cant remember if it was Elder or Marcos who introduced me to salting watermelon, but I remember one of them taking me back to the prep kitchen and showing me how they season their slices.  Tajin isn't the same brand they used, but its the same premise-I had always assumed 'salting' meant, just salt, but it doesn't-at least, not to my friends.  The 'salt' has a little cayenne pepper mixed in with it-to give a really refreshing spice.  I tried to cheat the other day and salt my watermelon with Tony Chachere's-don't try it, its not the same.

If you enjoy salted watermelon at all and have yet to try it with the pepper-I highly recommend running out to you local Mexican grocer and picking some up!  It will change your perspective!

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