Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Chicago: Little Goat

I have been wanting to go to Stephanie Izard's diner, Little Goat-since I learned of it!  Little Goat has this beautiful rooftop patio in which Izard constantly tweets beautiful photos of and it reeled me in!   In addition to her reputation as a wonderful chef-Izard seems to have her thumb on the pulse of Chicago's taste!

The Little Goat Rooftop

This old water tower provides a unique view from the rooftop of Little Goat!  
 Whipped Goat Mousse with crumpets, pickled onions and pickles.

Hoopoe's Hope signature cocktail and the Layers of 7 dip (I think I have the name right).  This dip was amazing!  When it arrived covered in diced avocado and pickled onions-we knew were on the right track!  This dip could easily feed 3-4 people for an appetizer-Lisa and I barely made it through half.  The acidity of the onion and the creaminess of the beans and avocado was an excellent balance of textures and flavors and we had to force ourselves to stop eating it so we could move on the the next place!  The limited menu on the rooftop did not take away from Little Goat's charm or reputation.  

2nd Floor of Little Goat and, "how did I get a seat at the island?'
Note: the built-ins with ceramic ware.

Loving all the copper on the wall!

Across from the kitchen is this adorable dining area and bar!

Speaking of Charm, in order to get onto the roof, one must pass through the adorable 2nd floor kitchen and dining area.  Unoccupied when we were there-Im assuming its either used for overflow or private events.  Either way-It was stunning and the new model for my dream kitchen (minus all the patrons).  You feel as though your in Izard's private residence-complete with the dreamy kitchen being utilized for the rooftop menu items. Lisa and I wanted to stay up there forever!

CHICAGO, IL 60607  
312 888 3455

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