Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bachelorette Party In Battle Creek, MI

To clairify, this was NOT my bachelorette party.  My girlfriend is getting married in September-she and the MOH decided to rent a house out in the country and have a girls weekend.  Eleven women made the trip and fortunately we all returned with all of our dignity in tact (I hope).

The house was beautiful, a colonial mansion complete with servants stairwells, hardwood floors and excellent light.  The house has been significantly remodeled and updated-the kitchen was definitely the hub of activity for the weekend and the in ground pool-the other. 

All the ladies brought beverages and while I will keep the girly fun of the weekend, under wraps-the food and atmosphere were by far the highlight!

My apologies for the blurry photos!  I used my phone for these!
New (to me) fun and delicious beer!

The Pool

Lisa introduced me to Vinho Verde in Chicago! Yum!

The view of the back of the house!

Alix made Korean BBQ for dinner on Friday!  This was my favorite of the weekend!

This isn't even a quarter of the libations! :)

Silver shot (for Lees)!

 It is noted that I was awake at least 2 hours before everyone else.  I also was in bed far before anyone else...going to work at 6am makes you the party's Lam-o!
My morning cup of Joe and the lovely view!

We ate all our meals on this very spacious 3 seasons room!

Awesome kitchen!

Skewers for Bloody Marys

Some of us needed more than one drink for more than one reason...Pictured: water, mimosa, bloody mary and coffee

Tisornia Beach - Benton Harbor, MI

North Pier

Me walking on the beach
We were so close to Benton Harbor on the way up-we decided to stop at the beach on the way home.  My aunt used to live here and I spent family vacations and holidays on this beach.  The last time I was here, I was 23 and having, what will be forever known as: the worst year of my life.  What I didn't know while I was there-it was only only to get worse before it got better...This area holds a lot of wonderful memories for me and I was glad to see it again.

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