Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bastille Day, Cassoulet and Kiddos

This weekend Levi and I decided to retreat to Champaign and spend the weekend with one of my long-time girlfriends.  Saturday night we caught a burlesque show, had a few delicious Edel-Weiss beers and danced a little to Brandon T. Washington at Memphis on Main!  I suppose, when its time to do something different-we did everything different!

The next day had been planned for a month or so-Lisa and I were going to make dinner for Bastille Day or La FĂȘte Nationale!  We had cassoulet planned for dinner, because why not make a hearty stew in the July heat!

Lisa started the day prior to our arrival by roasting the beets (my favorite), then we decided to pan fry them in some olive oil to caramelize and finished them with a pistachio dressing and some goat cheese.
Lisa procured white truffle sea salt while in the DC area a few weeks ago for our duck-fat fries!
Soaking the freshly cut fries in ice water so they don't get all grey and sad-looking!

Baby Selene fresh out of the pool and apparently already an expert at the iphone as she knew exactly which button to push!
Big sister, Arbella self-entertaining on the big comfy chair!
Dinner is served! Cassoulet, duck-fat fries, garlic-cilantro aoli, pan roasted beets!
Levi and Arbella, aka: Double-Trouble

Happy Bastille Day!

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