Friday, June 7, 2013

Operation: Donut Drop

It's National Donut Day!  Or Doughnut, however you prefer.  I decided to shake things up a bit and go to my local doughnut shop, buy a few dozen donuts and deliver them to local businesses!

The Beginning Scene of Operation: Donut Drop

Cindy & Katie at Denny's helping me organize my doughnuts!

1st Drop: Maguire's Pub, my previous place of employment and a frequent stop of mine.  Here is Kristi, the kitchen manager, receiving the delicious surprise! 
2nd Drop: Lucca Grill, another frequent place of mine.  This is Elizabeth and Tina with their donuts!
3rd Drop: Girl Friday, a local salon who is very supportive of local businesses.  I stole Nikki away from a client for a quick photo!
4th Drop: Country Financial, this is my boyfriend Levi with their donuts.  He was away from his cube when I arrived-so he was extra surprised to find me sitting in his chair when he came back a minute later! hehe...
All this charity made me hungry, fortunately there was a Denny's satellite store around the corner with my favorite vanilla pudding filled doughnut! Yum! 
Where to next, I wondered?
Winnie and the ladies of Chuck's were SO excited to be the recipients of the final box!
Happy National Doughnut Day everyone!

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