Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Top 10 List: Popular TV Shows we would love to see a Food blog from!

The Walking Dead Survival Cooking BlogPhoto used with permission from The Walking Dead Survival Cooking Blog.

Earlier today I came across Marene Gustin's article that featured The Walking Dead Survival Cooking Blog which follows The Walking Dead television shows and the food they eat-complete with recipe!  This inspired me to come up with my own list of TV shows that I would love to see have a cooking blog (even though blogs didn't exist for some).

10. The Simpsons: Between the doughnut with the pink icing, Duff Beer and the Springfield Chili Cook-Off, we may need loosen our belt and let the Homer-gut grow!

9. Arrested Development: Hot Ham Water  is just a start! But Michael Cera does offer a different type of recipe!

8. The Sopranos: they do have a cookbook so you can learn how to make the 'gravy'!

7. M*A*S*H: Cookbook is available, but based off of the reactions we got from the characters-its no surprise it didn't fly off the shelves! (But don't you secretly want it?)

6. Brothers & Sisters: I've heard Nora is a wonderful cook and in that kitchen-no one's surprised!

5. Friends: they have a cookbook too, but its sold out!

4. Downton Abbey: Mrs. Patmore's kitchen is always in such a fuss!  I wish I knew what it was all about! The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook is available, though!

3. 24: Does anyone remember them eating?!?! How did they keep that momentum?

2. Lost:  I feel as though there can only be so many things I can make from a coconut, but Im sure the food from the Dharma Initiative was delicious!

1. Gilligan's Island: With all those shenanigans going on, Mary Ann still had time to organize a cookbook!  She was always my favorite.


  1. Carmen thank you so much for the shout-out. And I'll tell you how twisted I am...I've been considering doing an Arrested Development Cooking Blog. I will probably need to stop sleeping to find the time to accomplish this; but I've been kicking around the idea for awhile. The show is ripe for a blog! I wanna do Skip's Scramble first! At least I know that if I do it, I will have one person in my corner!

  2. Rogue, I think and AD cooking blog would be fantastic! I want to know the best way to freeze a banana, myself! :)


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