Monday, May 20, 2013

My favorite places to eat are not in a restaurant

My Brother Nick, S-I-L Cindy and I at dinner.

Recently, I received a text my closest friends for Levi and I to come over for brunch.  On a beautiful Sunday, this is not a rare occurrence, we dine with them fairly frequently.  In fact, most of the dinners Levi and I are invited to are at homes and not restaurants-whether it be family or friends, all have a dinning room or patio table to sit around and share-as they are some of my favorite places to go.

As of late, I'm often disappointed when asked to, 'go out to eat' and generally try to avoid it-suggesting we have dinner at my house and I even find myself offering to cook!  But why work so hard?  Because I'm sick of the restaurant 'churn'.  I dont want to be a table to flip, I dont want to have to waive down the server for my over-priced drink and I dont want to listen to the restaurant noise.  More than anything-I'm sick of how the value of going out to eat has flipped from a novelty to a requirement. As though the utility a restaurant provides has overshadowed our kitchens, our tables and our ability to entertain.  I have naturally gravitated toward those-like me, who are not afraid of their oven or inviting people into their home. 

Sitting in the backyard at the patio table the sun shining on my face, Eddie Vedder singing in the background, the conversation flowing with my friends, wearing a hoodie and sweatpants and sipping my mimosa, I marvel at my surroundings.  Really, who is living better than this right now?

I'm writing about this little moment in my weekend, partially because I dont want to forget such a lovely day and partially because I worry, in my little town-people buy beautiful dining room tables only to use for holidays, having sitting rooms they never sit in and china they never use.  I challenge you to either use those items or places and invite others to use them with you. Eddie Vedder is optional.

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