Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I need YOUR help! How to compost in an apartment?

I have lived in my apartment for 7 years.  When I moved in the amenities were minimal, but I knew I could add and modify certain things to my liking.  For example, there was no dishwasher-so I purchased a counter top dishwasher from a website I found (www.compactappliance.com) and its proven to be a very useful gadget!  I installed a water-saving shower head in the bathroom and energy efficient light bulbs.  WiFi was added when I bought my laptop 6 years ago, but I still felt my apartment needed something.  Its located in an old home that has been converted-so there is molding around the windows and build-ins, along with the older, detailed wood doors. 

As beautiful as it was-my apartment needed a fireplace!  I wanted to hang my stockings at Christmas and have romantic lighting at night.  I wanted to create this constant feeling of home, plus a fireplace (to me) gives a focal point to the room and a warmth about the home.  Obviously I couldnt install a wood buring fireplace, so I opted for the DIY kind.  With $50 and the help of my crafty father and boyfriend, and a few crafty skills of my own, the fireplace was constructed.  The fire itself was Pinterest-inspired and my friend drilled the holes into wine bottles for me and I decided to hook the lights up to a timer so that every night we have the lovely glow of a fire.
                                                 The Finished fireplace at Christmas 2012

My new fixation is on composting.  This is something I have little-to-no experience with and everything I read seems somewhat time extensive and/or involved.  Growing up, we chucked all our food scraps into the raspberries.  It was simple and didn't seem to bother anything.  When I was talking to a friend about this-she had been putting her food scraps in their backyard fire pit, but soon quit when opossum and racoons began to appear at a rapid rate.

So I've decided to enlist the help of you to see what kind of thoughts or experiences you have had with getting rid of your food scraps in an environmentally friendly way!  Please post all ideas and experiences in the comments section!

Thank you for your help!

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  1. I did find this article on being eco-friendly apartment dwellers! Enjoy!


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