Saturday, April 13, 2013

Documentary: Discovery Channel's - How Beer Saved the World

Its Saturday night and I know so many of us are out and about, but for those of us who may have had a long week and would like to stay home pursuing Netflix-let me save you the hassle of searching.  In the documentary section find How Beer Saved the World.  The entire show is only 43 minutes long, but it is truly worth the watch.  It is entertaining, funny and will give you all sorts of juicy tidbits to spew out the next time your at the bar.  There is even some ammunition if you come up against a teetotaler too! 

If you need further persuasion, what if I told you that because of beer-there is math and writing?  Because of beer, there are the pyramids.  If beer didn't exist, we wouldn't have refrigeration!

Now that you're intrigued-go watch it!
Happy Saturday! 

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