Wednesday, April 3, 2013

4 steps to save yourself a $75 service charge

A few years ago, while managing a restaurant, we started to have issues with our soda machines.  The servers would place the glass under the soda of choice, press back on the lever and the soda would dispense.  The problem was, the soda would not stop dispensing!  The lever would resume its off position, but the soda would still run...and run...and run. 

After a few times of this happening, and a few calls to the soda company (and a few bills)-the technician pulled me aside and explained to me what was going on.  Even though we would wipe down the lever each night, there is no way to get into all the nooks and crannies of the machine with a towel.  So he walked me though his system that has been handy and money-saving.

Problem: Soda machine will not stop dispensing soda

Step 1: get an old-school ketchup bottle (with the narrow opening) and a dry towel.

Step 2: wrap the towel around the bottle and make sure it covers your hand to avoid the possibility of burns later.

Step 3: fill the bottle with the hot water from the coffee maker.

Step 4: squirt the hot water up into the machine where the lever goes in.  There is a sensor just inside the machine that has gotten soda syrup on it-which is the cause of your issue.

It only takes a minute before the dispenser begins working properly again-I recommend emptying the bottle into the area, just to be sure.

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