Friday, April 12, 2013

10 Favorite Food-related Movies

10. Diner (1982): This gritty, over-sexed movie is based in 1959 and takes a look at 5 guys in their 20's who hang out at the local Diner and contemplate their next move in life.

9. Julie & Julia (2009): a young girl begins cooking her way through Julia Child's cookbook and blogging about her experiences.

8. Godfather (1972):  Why I have never seen this on a food movie list is beyond me!  There are so many food/life references in this movie!  Plus, who doesn't enjoy the past-sauce tutorial that occurs with Michael?

7. Soul Food (1997): This movie accurately portrays the frustrations and joys of being in a family.  And how, in the end-we all come back together and often its around the table.

6. Fried Green Tomatoes (1991): the power of women and friendship put this movie in many top 10 lists! 

5. Super-Size Me (2004): a single man's journey of eating McDonald's for 1 month, exploits the errors in judgement and quality of the food of this fast-food dynasty.

4. Sideways (2004): two men venture into Napa for one last 'hurrah' before one of them gets married.  But human error in judgement ensues.

3. Chocolat (2000): a woman and her daughter venture into a new town-only to turn it upside down!  Be sure to have some sweets and a bottle of wine on hand!

2. Bottle Shock (2008): a true story about how Napa Valley went from a wine-joke to a wine-powerhouse in 1976.

1. Eat Pray Love (2010): Elizabeth Gilbert's live-changing journey as she travels through Italy, India and Indonesia on a mission to answer questions and revitalize her soul.  Bottle of wine required.

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